Local Phone Company Rates as of October 24, 2012

China (FairPoint New England)$17.58$19.08
Standish Telephone (FairPoint New England)$17.58$19.08
Northland Telephone Company (FairPoint New England)$17.38$18.88
Cobbosseecontee Telephone & Telegraph Company (TDS of Maine)$17.58$19.08
Community Service Telephone Company (FairPoint New England)$17.12$18.62
Hampden Telephone Company (TDS of Maine)$17.58$19.08
Hartland/St. Albans Telephone Company (TDS of Maine)$17.58$19.08
Island Telephone Company (TDS of Maine) (Frencheboro)$17.58$19.08
Island Telephone Company (TDS of Maine) (Island au Haut, Matinicus & Swans Island)$17.58$19.08
Lincolnville Telephone Company (Coastal Telephone Group) (Lincolnville & Lincolnville Beach)$17.17$18.29
Maine Telephone Company (FairPoint New England)$17.58$19.08
Mid-Maine Communications (Old Town Exchange 826)N/A$19.29
Mid-Maine Communications$17.79$19.29
Oxford Telephone Company (Oxford Networks)$11.85$16.89
Oxford West Telephone Company (Oxford Networks)$11.85$16.89
Pine Tree Telephone & Telegraph Company (Country Road Communications)$13.12$14.24 Super Premium NG $17.24 (L&P)
Saco River Telegraph & Telephone Company (Country Road Communications)$14.35$15.58
Sidney Telephone Company (FairPoint of New England)$17.58$19.08
Somerset Telephone Company (TDS of Maine)$17.58$19.08
Tidewater Telecom (Coastal Telephone Group) (Bremen, Damariscotta, New Harbor, Sheepscot, So. Bristol & Union)$17.79$19.29
Union River Telephone Company$17.58$19.08
Unitel, Inc.$17.58$19.08
Warren Telephone Company (TDS of Maine)$17.58$19.08
West Penobscot Telephone Company (TDS of Maine)$17.58$19.08