Legislative Reports and Testimony

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  • 2011 Dig Safe Final Report PDF
  • Report: Filing Fees Collected by Public Advocate re Transmission Construction PDF
  • Report: Allocation of Resources to Matters Related to Providers of Communications Services that are not Subject to Assessment Under Title 35-A §116, for the Period of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 PDF
  • Resolve, Regarding Full, Fair and Nondiscriminatory Access to the Internet :: Read the report
  • Pursuant to Public Laws of 2007, Chapter 317, "An Act to Establish the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Act of 2007" PDF
  • LD 1918 - Report Of The Office Of Public Advocate On State Agency Oversight And Monitoring Responsibilities And Budgets Relating To LD 1918, "An Act to Ensure Adequate Funding for the Oversight of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage in Maine" PDF
  • LD 1381 - Report - Resolve 52, "Resolve To Ensure the Success of Regional Climate Change Efforts" PDF
  • Railroad Service Quality Report - February 2008 (19MB, PDF)