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Current Watches and Warnings


Emergency Operations and Access

When the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated, a Joint Information Center (JIC) will be also activated to provide emergency public information. Use Business Day telephone numbers to reach the JIC.

In a large-scale activation, a Media Center will be opened at the State EOC. This will be a briefing room and journalist working room, with access to land-line telephones and the Internet.

For media briefings, mult-box access is provided in the rear of the room. In addition, audio and video of briefings are wired to an outdoor access panel for use by broadcast trucks. Broadcasters are encouraged to have crews visit the EOC and familiarize themselves with these connections in "non-emergency" times.

Public Information representatives of other State agencies may be requested to work in the JIC They may represent their own agencies, or the overall operation. They will identify themselves as an EOC spokesperson if speaking in that capacity.

Access to the Emergency Operations Room itself may be limited depending on the size and nature of the response. Internal operational briefings and conference calls are typically closed to the media. Press briefings and interviews will be arranged as soon as practicable after internal briefing.

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Last update: 09/13/11