Potential for Coastal Hazards this Weekend: Stay Safe


September 7, 2012

11:00 AM


Hurricane Leslie will be passing well to our east this weekend and is no threat to make landfall anywhere in the U.S. Nevertheless, according to the National Weather Service, Leslie has the potential to create some hazards for the Maine coast.

Along Maine's southern coast and midcoast, high surf and swells from Leslie are possible from late Saturday into Sunday. Along the downeast coast, seas are expected to build late Saturday remaining high through Sunday night. All along the coast, seas will remain high into the early part of next week.

With Maine still enjoying late summer weather, residents and visitors alike will be flocking to coastal areas. While high surf is exciting and beautiful to see, it can also be extremely dangerous.

  • Splashover, especially from isolated large waves, can sweep an individual into turbulent and dangerous waters.
  • Rip currents can take swimmers out to sea very quickly. For more details on rip current safety, visit Maine Prepares.
  • Large swells can cause problems for small boats as they dock.

MEMA joins the National Weather Service in urging the utmost caution in coastal areas this weekend and early next week. Stay tuned to updated NWS advisories to stay aware of potential hazards (a NOAA weather radio is a great way to do this if you are "out and about"). And please respect any local access restrictions to beach and shoreline areas.

Nationally, September is designated as Preparedness Month. With hurricane season still in full swing, and winter months approaching, it's a good time for all Mainers to think about our families' preparedness plans, and commit to safely weathering any storm.

For more information about disaster preparedness, as well as hurricane and rip current safety, visit Maine Prepares.

You can also sign up for e-mail alerts of severe weather, emergency news of all kinds, traffic alerts and more via MEMA and Maine.gov's subscription service.