Household Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

So, you think you don't have any dangerous chemicals in your home? Check this list below, and then visit our Household Chemical Emergency page for safety tips.

Important Phone Numbers:

  • To report a chemical spill: Your fire department or Maine DEP 800-482-0777
  • A life-threatening emergency: 911
  • Maine Poison Control Center: 800-222-1222

Cleaning Products Lawn & Garden Products
Oven cleaners Herbicides
Drain cleaners Insecticides
Wood & metal cleaners and polishers Fungicides/wood preservatives
Toilet cleaners Miscellaneous
Tub, tile, shower cleaners Batteries
Bleach Mercury thermostats or thermometers
Pool chemicals Florescent light bulbs
Workshop/Painting Supplies Driveway sealer
Adhesives & glues Automotive Products
Furniture strippers Motor oil
Oil or enamel based paint Fuel additives
Paint strippers, thinners, removers & turpentine Carburetor & fuel injection cleaners
Photographic chemicals Air conditioning refrigerants
Fixatives & other solvents Starter fluids
Indoor Pesticides Automotive batteries
Insect sprays and baits Transmission & brake fluids
Flea repellents & shampoo Antifreeze
Houseplant insecticides Other Flammable Products
Moth repellents Propane tanks & other compressed gas cylinders
Mouse & rat poisons & baits Kerosene
  Home heating oil

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