TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT: Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure (MGT-452)


March 22, 2017


Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure (MGT-452)

June 15th, 2017

This 1 day course focuses on the national and economic security of the United States and the protection of critical infrastructure. This course will encourage collaborative efforts among individuals and organizations responsible for both physical and cybersecurity toward development of integrated risk management strategies that lead to enhanced capabilities necessary for the protection of our Nation’s critical infrastructure.

Participants will identify physical and cybersecurity concerns impacting overall infrastructure security posture, examine integrated physical and cybersecurity incidents and the evolving risks and impacts they pose to critical infrastructure, and explore resources that can be applied to improve security within an organization, business, or government.

Intended Audience: Full and part time emergency management and response personnel who currently work/assigned in an EOC at the state, local, tribal or DOD installation level..

All participants must register with a FEMA SSID and training application found at no later than May 18, 2017.

Please see the attached flyer for additional course content information.


Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure (MGT-452)


Cameron Wellman or Mike Grant