Tank Truck Rollover Training


March 3, 2017


This 8 hour training session is for first responders, the trucking industry, and others who have a need and desire to understand the correct response procedures needed for an accident involving hazardous materials on the roadway.

This class is being conducted by Maine DEP with the support of the State Emergency Response Commission, Gould Equipment, Linde LLC, GAC Chemical, Dead River and a number of other chemical and petroleum carriers and transporters.

If you attend this workshop, you will have an understanding of:

  • Design, construction, and safety features of various trucks such as 306/406, 307/407, 312/412, 331, 338 and Natural Gas (CNG);
  • Opportunities for hands on review with actual equipment;
  • Product Removal;
  • Site Safety and Site Assessment; and
  • Damage Assessment and Product Removal.
These sessions will be offered at the following date, time, and locations listed below in the word document attached. Please take advantage of this FREE training and register early or at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled date.


TTRO Training


Faith Mayer