Notice of Rulemaking: Maine Emergency Management Agency


September 28, 2016


AGENCY: Maine Emergency Management Agency

NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL OF AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Kevin Rousseau, Maine Emergency Management Agency, 72 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0072 Telephone: (207) 624-4410; E-mail:, web address:

CHAPTER NUMBER AND RULE TITLE: Chapter 5: Maine Disaster Recovery Fund.


DATE, TIME AND PLACE OF PUBLIC HEARING: October 19, 2016. 3:00 p.m. Maine Emergency Management Agency classroom. 45 Commerce Drive. Augusta, Maine.

COMMENT DEADLINE: October 31, 2016

PRINCIPAL REASON(S) OR PURPOSE FOR PROPOSING THIS RULE: This proposed major substantive rule governs the process for the expenditure of funds from the Disaster Recovery Fund, established pursuant to Title 37-B MRSA 745. It establishes priorities for use of the Fund among the uses authorized by statute including aid to individuals and families, aid to municipalities and low-interest loans to businesses. It also defines under what circumstances use of the Fund will be authorized and provides for administration of the Fund in conjunction with state agency and nonprofit partners.

ANALYSIS AND EXPECTED OPERATION OF THE RULE: The Maine Emergency Management Agency oversees the administration of the Maine Disaster Recovery Fund. The Fund is established under Title 37-B MRSA 745 and until now has only been used to pass through State funding to County, Local and Tribal jurisdictions during the recovery from Presidentially-declared major disasters. The proposed rule would set priorities, establish procedures and thresholds for use of the Fund for incidents which may significantly impact the State of Maine and its jurisdictions, yet not rise to the level of a Presidentially-declared major disaster under the Robert T. Stafford Act. The rule outlines in high-level terms the ability of the Governor and the Agency to administer the Fund in conjunction with other disaster response/relief partner agencies.



Kevin Rousseau