Responding to Incidents Involving Flammable Liquids Transported by Rail Training


August 23, 2016


This 8-hour remote site training will be delivered to volunteer and rural area first responders who will be exposed to the potential harm caused by transportation of flammable liquid by rail incidents, so that they can plan to coordinate their responses in an effective and efficient manner. Participants will learn the importance of developing strategies while responding to these rail incidents, which allows them to remain flexible in adjusting their actions to any changing events that may occur during an incident. Key success factors presented in the course will be effective planning, communication, and coordination.

These sessions are being done in conjunction with Maine DEP and will be offered at the following date, time, and locations. Please take advantage of this FREE training and register early or at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled date. Lunch will be provided!

Classes start at 0800 at the following locations and dates in the attached PDF document.


Flammable Liquids by Rail Training.PDF


Faith Mayer