TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT: MGT-345 Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems


August 2, 2016


MGT-345 Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems
September 21st and 22nd
Central Maine Power
83 Canco Road
Portland, Maine

Disaster Management for Power Systems: This course is designed to provide training to electric systems managers and employees to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, or mitigate against threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters affecting electric power facilities and systems. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to implement techniques to prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents that threaten electric power systems.


  • Threats to Electric Power Facilities and Systems
  • Mitigating Threats
  • Responding to Disasters
  • Recovering from Disasters
  • Public Information
  • Preparing for Disasters
Participant Audience
  • Investor Owned Utilities (IOU)
  • Rural Electrification Administrators (REA)
  • Rural Utilities Services (RUS)
  • Municipalities
  • Industrial Operators
  • Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Suppliers (T&D) personnel
  • Utility commission personnel
  • Management
  • Supervisors
  • Foremen
  • Field personnel
  • Fire Services
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • EMS-Emergency Medical Services
FEMA Student ID Requirement

Prior to course delivery, all participants are required to establish a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID). This can be accomplished by registering at FEMA's website ( Participants will be asked to provide their SID when they arrive and complete the registration process for the course.


Participants are also encouraged to have completed IS-100PWb, IS-200, IS-700 and IS-800. These courses can be found online at:

Registration is free! Please contact:

Name: Kevin Guimond - Fire Protection Corporate Security AVANGRID


Phone: 207-629-1078



Kevin Guimond, Fire Protection Corporate Security AVANGRID