TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT: NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific: L-956 Liaison Officer (LOFR) Course


May 27, 2016


NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific:
L-956 Liaison Officer (LOFR) Course
October 17 & 18, 2016

This course is designed to provide local and state-level emergency responders with a robust understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and capabilities of an effective Liaison Officer (LOFR) on an All-Hazards Incident Management Team (IMT). Exercises, simulations, discussions, and a final exam enable students to process and apply their new knowledge.

The purpose of the NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific Training Program is to provide a portion of the training that may be needed to establish Type III and IV IMTs. This training program is designed to provide all-hazards competencies and behaviors for the eight Command and General Staff and selected Unit Leader positions within the NIMS ICS and specifically within the IMT environment.

NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific training should be completed by personnel who are currently members of Type III or Type IV IMTs, or by those seeking credentials/certification for ICS Command and General Staff or Unit Leader positions.

Applicants must obtain FEMA Student ID # and have completed ICS training competency to the 400 level. FEMA instructional staff from EMI will deliver the program.

Course Location: The course will be held at the Ramada Saco Plaza Conference Center, located at 352 North Street in Saco, Maine. Classes will run from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. Lunch and breaks will be provided. Lodging is available upon qualification. Please contact MEMA training for prior approval. All other expenses are the responsibility of the student. We are an equal opportunity educational provider.

For further information, please contact Mike at MEMA.
All applications should be submitted by email/fax via FEMA training application form found at:

The application period for this program ends COB October 7. Applications received after that will not be accepted.



Mike at MEMA
(800) 452-8735 or (207) 624-4400