TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT: Children's Disaster Services, Equipping Volunteers Workshop


February 9, 2016


Children's Disaster Services
Equipping volunteers - Workshop details
April 1-2, 2016
4:30 P.M. Friday – 6 P.M. Saturday
22 High Street, Windham, ME

Participants in the 27-hour workshop learn to provide comfort and encouragement to children by offering the healing young children need in traumatic situations. They learn to create a safe, friendly environment that gives children the chance to engage in therapeutic play activities designed to relieve stress and calm fears.

This workshop includes a simulated shelter experience (an overnight stay). Participants completing the course will have the opportunity to become certified Children’s Disaster Services volunteers.

Because children can experience personal disasters (when a friend moves away, a pet dies, etc.) people who encounter a distressed child can benefit from this workshop. Many of the concepts taught in the workshop are appropriate to use at those times as well as after disasters.


Children’s Disaster Services 27-hour workshop utilizes a variety of hands-on activities that the participants put into action when caring for children after a disaster. Topics include:

  • shelter simulation (includes an overnight stay) A great time to network!!
  • disasters (types and phases)
  • children
o needs after a disaster
o how to respond to children in a healing manner
o the role of play after a disaster
o how to use play to start recovery in children
  • Children’s Disaster Services Centers
o set up
o operation
o safety procedures
o volunteers’ roles
  • Self-care onsite and after returning home
  • What to bring
  • An openness to new experiences.
  • Clothing for active participation and sitting on the floor.
  • Camping gear (sleeping bag or blankets, pillow – cot provided)
  • Personal items (towel, washcloth, toiletries, soap, quiet activity)
This training is paid for, in full, by the Maine Emergency Management Agency.

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