Keynote Sessions for Preparedness Conference to Focus on Climate and the Impact to Emergency Management


March 17, 2015


The 7th Annual Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference (April 21st and 22nd, Augusta Civic Center) will feature two thought-provoking plenary sessions. On Tuesday, an internationally acclaimed scientist and explorer, leader of more than 55 expeditions to some of the remotest reaches of the planet, will discuss what he and his team have learned about the global climate system and its application to Maine. And on Wednesday, a member of New York State Office of Emergency Management, well versed in disaster management, will talk about the massive lake effect snow storm that struck Western New York in November 2014.

Day One, Tuesday April 21st

Journey Into Climate and Implications for Maine.

  • Dr. Paul Andrew Mayewski, Director, Climate Change Institute, Distinguished Maine Professor, University of Maine

Paul Mayewski will be talking about what he and his teams, from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, have learned about the way the global climate system operates, and how that has significantly improved our understanding of Maine’s climate. He will also be presenting results from the Institute’s 2015 update of “Maine’s Climate Future”.

Day Two, Wednesday April 22nd:

Emergency Support, Coordination and Response to the Western New York Lake Effect Snow Storm

  • Vincent A Fargione Jr, OEM Headquarters Operations and EMAC Coordinator, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Albany, NY

This presentation will cover multiple aspects of the Emergency Support, Coordination and Response to the Western New York Lake Effect Snow Storm that occurred in November of 2014. The presentation will examine the pre-storm, the storm, flood transition, and post storm actions from the view of the National Weather Service office, the New York State Office of Emergency Management and other State Agency partners. The discussion will include actions taken from the local, county, state and federal levels of government.

Conference Registration still open

Online registration for participants and exhibitors is open now. There is no charge for attending the conference. There is a small fee for exhibitors, but no charge for not-for-profit and government exhibitors.

The Conference is a partnership among the State Emergency Response Commission, The Maine Emergency Management Agency and the Maine Association of Local Emergency Managers.

More than 40 workshops and demonstrations are scheduled over the two days of the Conference. For more conference news visit the MainePrepares conference page.



Conference Planning Team