Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories for Maine


December 9, 2014

9:45 AM


Winter Storm Advisories and Warnings have now been posted by the National Weather Service for all of Maine.

Latest Forecasts

  • All NWS Winter Watches and Warnings for Maine The storm is predicted to bring snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain once temperatures rise in some areas, before exiting the state on Friday. Conditions will be different, depending on where you are. Precipitation has started in southwestern sections, spreading north and east throughout the day.

Extreme caution is advised on the roads, as slippery road conditions and low visibility are expected.

Stay informed

Check weather updates often, as changes in the track of the storm may mean changes in the forecast for your location.

Listen to your radio, television, or NOAA Weather Radio, or visit one of the websites above for weather reports and emergency information as the storm progresses.

Stay Safe on the Road:

As in all winter storms, if you can stay off the roads, do so. If you do, check road conditions before you set out, and observe MaineDOT's safe driving tips.

For much more information on emergency preparedness in winter and all seasons, visit Maine Prepares.

After the storm

  • As always, check on any neighbors and friends who might need help dealing with the storm.
  • To help stay warm, eat regularly and drink ample fluids, but avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • If you lose power, and use a generator, use it ONLY outdoors, never in a basement or attached garage. Ensure the generator is at least 15 feet away from home windows or doors. Carbon monoxide kills.
  • Maintain ventilation when using kerosene heaters to avoid build-up of toxic fumes. Refuel kerosene heaters outside and keep them at least three feet from flammable objects.
  • Avoid overexertion when shoveling snow. Overexertion can bring on a heart attack—a major cause of death in the winter. Before you go out to shovel snow, do some stretches to limber up.
  • Clear snow away from all chimneys and vents to prevent carbon monoxide buildup inside your house.
  • Clear snow away from outside fuel storage tanks, and the filler pipes for your oil tank
  • Offer to help neighbors and friends who may need help shoveling out