Stay Safe This Weekend: Thunderstorms and High Surf Conditions Expected


July 3, 2014

2:30 PM


On this Independence Day Eve, National Weather Service offices in Gray and Caribou have advised emergency management officials of the potential for hazardous weather events from Thursday into the holiday weekend.

Severe thunderstorms

Potentially severe thundershowers will pass through Maine this afternoon and evening.

One round of storms caused severe damage in the Rumford area Wednesday, washing out roads and bringing down trees and power lines. Similar storms can be expected Thursday afternoon and evening.

If you are in an area being hit by a severe storm:

  • Take shelter in a secure building if possible
  • If driving, pull over if heavy rainfall makes it difficult to see
  • Observe any roadway barricades and markers; find another way around. Two feet of moving water will sweep away a car, even a pickup or SUV. Under the water, a flooded roadway may be totally washed away.
  • Stay well away from rushing streams, and even deep drainage ditches. Especially keep children and pets away from these areas. As little as 6 inches of moving water can sweep an adult off his or her feet.

Effects of Hurricane Arthur

Coastal areas will see some effects this weekend from Hurricane Arthur as it passes well offshore. Effects will be in the form of some steady rain Friday and Saturday (higher amounts in downeast areas), heightened wave action and wave power and the possibility of rip currents.

Powerful large waves can sweep an individual into turbulent and dangerous waters. Rip currents can take swimmers out to sea very quickly.

  • Pay close attention to any local warnings of dangerous currents, and obey any instructions issued by lifeguards. For more details on rip current safety, visit:
  • Respect any local access restrictions to beach and shoreline areas. They are in place for your safety.

As today's storm potential and the hurricane's track are still developing, all interests are urged to pay close attention to weather forecasts throughout the weekend. Conditions will differ depending on your location. New information with each forecast cycle will help you in making decisions about your weekend activities.

Some areas may postpone fireworks displays on Friday. Be sure to check with the community before heading out.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day

MEMA joins the National Weather Service in urging all residents and visitors to respect the power of the severe storms that are likely today, and the high surf and currents that are likely this weekend. Stay safe to enjoy a fun-filled Fourth of July.

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