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Mitigation Grants

The State of Maine administers three Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Mitigation Grant Programs.

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grants (PDM) are annual, and competitive nationwide. More information on PDM Grants is available through FEMA.

Flood Mitigation Assistance grants are usually available annually. For projects such as acquisition or demolition, the homeowner must have been participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). More information on FMAP Grants is available through FEMA.

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) is available after federal declared disasters and is competetive statewide.

Applications and other documents for the HMGP program are available below.

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Mitigation Documents
Name pdf rtf other
Read Me First: Yes/No HMGP Eligibility Requirements 2015: 22249-pdf
HMGP Score Sheet: 39390-docx
1: Contact Information: 57622-docx
2: Problem Description: 53917-doc
2A: Topo Map: 53920-doc
2B: FIRMette Map: 591076-docx
2C: Tax Map: 53922-doc
2D1: Photos and Site Diagram: 53923-doc
2D2: Damages: 53924-xls
3: Solutions and Decisions: 53925-docx
4: Scope of Work/Budget: 53929-xls
5: Project Description / Design: 53926-doc
6: Benefit Cost Analysis: 94112-doc
7A: Goals and Objectives: 53976-doc
7B: Projects: 53916-doc
8A: EHP Checklist: 53977-xls
8B: Commitment Letter: 94104-doc
9: Cover Page: 94105-doc

You will need the free Adobe® Reader to view PDF documents. RTF documents may be opened with any word processing software. Other: DOC: Microsoft Word® or Word® Viewer. XLS: Microsoft Excel® or Excel® Viewer Should you need an alternate form of any document, please contact us.



Last update: 06/13/08