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Call 2-1-1 to Learn About Flood Recovery Options and Report Flood Damages


April 1, 2010

12:30 PM


AUGUSTA, MAINE -- Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is recommending that anyone who suffered home damage as a result of the flooding events over the last several weeks, dial 2-1-1 to learn about available recovery resources.

MEMA Director Rob McAleer recommends the following actions for those whose homes have been damaged:

  • Document all of your damage and losses, and repairs you have made. Take pictures if possible
  • Contact your insurance company to determine what will be covered
  • Call 2-1-1 to report your damages and for information about other resources that might be available to you.

“We know that these last few weeks have caused problems for many people. “ McAleer said. “At the present time, we have not qualified for individual assistance from FEMA for these events. However, there are other programs that may be of help. We recommend anyone with questions about possible help dial 2-1-1 and ask for available referrals. 2-1-1 will also gather damage information and log the calls they receive. Based on what we learn, we may be able to qualify for additional assistance programs.”

A call to 2-1-1 is toll-free from anywhere in Maine. 2-1-1 referral information is also available on the Internet, at

McAleer stressed that calling 2-1-1 is not a registration for assistance. “2-1-1 can offer referrals to programs that are available now. It is up to the caller to determine which programs might help them, and follow through on those referrals.”




Lynette Miller or Dwane Hubert


Last update: 07/20/10