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Kennebec Ice Jam Still a Danger


January 28, 2010

4:30 PM


AUGUSTA, MAINE – Although Kennebec River levels have been steadily declining in Augusta and Hallowell over the last 24 hours, officials say the ice jam lodged just north of Gardiner remains a threat.

The US Coast Guard has commenced ice-breaking operations in the lower Kennebec River. Operations will continue into Friday, and potentially into the weekend. This action will open the lower river, reducing the chance that the ice will jam up again if it breaks up and moves downstream.

As ice-breaking continues, the river ice from shore to shore will become increasingly unstable. The Department of Marine Resources is working with the fishing community to ensure that any fishing shacks remaining at risk are removed safely.

”We’re extremely grateful for the assistance of the Coast Guard in undertaking this ice-breaking operation,” said MEMA Director Rob McAleer. “But we want to reiterate how dangerous it is to be on or near the ice as ice-breaking continues”

The Department of Marine Resources, Maine Marine Patrol, is overseeing safety issues in the river. The Maine Warden Service is supporting them with pre-staged rescue resources. “We are watching out for safety,” Colonel Joseph Fessenden of the Maine Marine Patrol said, “But we want everyone along the river to understand the danger posed by the ice conditions, and keep themselves out of harm’s way.



Lynette Miller


Last update: 07/20/10