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Ice Jams Continuing: Removal of Fishing Shacks Recommended


January 27, 2010

12:30 PM


AUGUSTA, MAINE--As ice jams continue to cause problems on the Kennebec River, MEMA and the Department of Marine Resources are advising anyone with a fishing shack still out on the Kennebec to remove it immediately, if they can do so safely.

“This a problem particularly on the Kennebec River from Farmingdale south," said MEMA Director Rob McAleer. “Many shacks have been removed, but a number are still out there. We are working with the US Coast Guard to coordinate ice-breaking on the lower Kennebec River starting as early as tomorrow morning. Any shacks still on the ice will likely be destroyed.” However, McAleer stressed that the river ice is extremely dangerous, and that fishermen should consult with local officials to determine if they could remove the shacks safely.

The ice jam on the Kennebec continues to cause flooding in Augusta and Hallowell as of noon today. “We are working with the Coast Guard, planning to bring ice breakers up as far as Randolph," McAleer said. “If we can free up the lower part of the river, the ice will have somewhere to go when it breaks up.”

“Ice jam flooding can’t be predicted. We have seen in Augusta and Hallowell just how fast conditions can change, and how dangerous the combination of fast-moving water and massive ice chunks can be. We urge sightseers to stay well away from the river.”

Kennebec County Emergency Management Agency reported as of 9:00 this morning that the ice jam that moved out of Augusta last night had re-formed in Farmingdale, south of Hallowell. The jam was approximately a mile long. Water levels in Augusta and Hallowell remain over 17 feet, more than 5 feet above flood stage.

MEMA has been working with County Emergency Management Agencies to monitor ice jams in several parts of the state. In addition to the Kennebec, other areas of concern are:

  • Piscataquis County: Ice remains in place in several locations on the Piscataquis River but water is flowing around the ice.
  • Oxford County: Fryeburg area: Route 113 and the bridge over the Saco remain closed as a precaution
  • Franklin County: Several locations in Farmington, Phillips and New Sharon have caused local road closures
  • Penobscot County: Maxfield Road, Howland is closed (also impacts Medford in Piscataquis County)

Maine DOT publishes current road closure information at, or dial 5-1-1 for recorded information.



Lynette Miller


Last update: 07/20/10