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Updated Safety Information: Ice Storm and Power Outages


December 13, 2008

2:00 PM


AUGUSTA, MAINE--Many homes in Maine will remain without power again tonight (Saturday December 13). Here are the safety headlines for today:

  • Check on neighbors, family and friends to make sure they are staying warm and safe.
  • Stay clear of downed power lines, and report them to your local electrical utility.
  • Use generators and alternative heat sources carefully, in accordance with manufacturers' instructions. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result by using these appliances in enclosed spaces.
  • Exercise caution when using power tools, especially chain saws, in clearing fallen limbs and trees. Do not attempt to clear tree debris that is tangled with power lines; call your electric utility.
  • Continue to exercise caution on the roads. Icy patches, or downed limbs in some areas, pose safety hazards. Respect all barricades marking closed roads.

If you have to leave your home:

  • Take steps to drain water pipes if possible
  • Let friends and relatives know where you are going
  • If possible, secure a small amount of cash, and credit cards
  • Bring warm clothing and personal hygiene supplies each family member for several days
  • Bring snacks and food not requiring refrigeration, can opener if needed
  • Bring games, cards, crossword puzzles, entertainment items
  • If you are bringing your pet with, also bring a pet carrier together with ownership documentation, immunization records, food, water, dishes, leashes (Note: Ensure your destination will accept pets!)

Safety fact sheets are available at and

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