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SCIP Monthly Update August 2008


August 5, 2008


Grants in Review

July 22nd & 23rd, 2008, PSIC Grant Review Committee reviewed and prioritized all grant applications. MEMA received a total of 51 applications for a total of over 12 million dollars. With only $4.01 million in available funds, this was an arduous task. The committee separated into 3 teams, each team reviewing about 17 applications over 8 to 9 hours on Day One. On Day Two, the committee together reviewed the results of the scoring and identified weaknesses and strengths in the applications. At the end of the day approximately 40 applications were approved to receive some level of funding. The review committee included participants from multi-jurisdictions, all bringing expertise in specific areas. We appreciate their assistance in this difficult task.

MEMA will be submitting the updated Investment Justifications by the due date of August 15th. We anticipate it will be several weeks before we receive feedback.

*NOTE: Date may vary depending on actual date funding approval is received.

Once Maine has received word that the grant funding has received final approval, MEMA will notify grant recipients. You will be sent an award notification and an MOU that will need to be signed and returned.

Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program (IECGP)

This new grant was announced recently by the Department of Homeland Security for FY 2008. Maine will be provided with $242,875. This money is specifically allocated for improvement of leadership and governance, planning, operational protocols and emergency responder skills and capabilities related to interoperable emergency communications.

MEMA, with the support of all County Directors will be funding a full-time Interoperable Communications Coordinator for the state. The position will assist counties and locals with the development of communications plans and standard operating procedures to align with SCIP requirements. The IECGP grant will also provide funding for meetings and printing of materials.

The Coordinator position will also help strengthen the governance boards at county level or organize new communications boards.

Training Options

Over the last several months, the PSIC Training Team has worked hard to develop a communications training curriculum that will be available in several mediums.

  1. Classroom Training (Currently Scheduled)
    • August 19-Penobscot County
    • August 21-Somerset County
    • August 26-York County
    • August 28-Cumberland County
    • September 18-Sagadahoc County

For training details see the MEMA Training Calendar

  1. DVD (will be handed out during classroom training-should be available by mid August)

  2. Online (Should be available by mid August)

Some comments from our partners:

From Ray Sisk, Knox County EMA Director on the Interoperable Communications Classroom Training:

We had 19 individuals representing every discipline and every corner of the county complete the program. Two others audited the course for informational purposes only.

We were very impressed with the quality and content of the locally produced training DVD. About the only thing missing was a cameo by Johnny Gage or Roy Desoto! Students were impressed with the content, simplicity and flexibility for program delivery. We now have good credible options for educating or familiarizing every level from responder up to top agency officials. Folks were very impressed the state is willing to stand behind the program with financial assistance to instructors. That assured our cadre of instructors the entire CONOPS concept and program is viewed by MEMA as a valuable emergency management tool. We plan to incorporate CONOPS in one fashion or another, into all future exercises.

From Scott Parker, Oxford County EMA Director on participating on the Grant Review Committee:

Thanks for the opportunity to be apart of a grant award group. It was an eye opening experience. I do think the process that MEMA put together was fair

Web Information

For a complete listing of FAQs, please check our web-site at

Please refer to the MEMA web-site to get all the information about the PSIC Grant Program:

For a complete list of Communications and other available training:

MEMA Names New volunteer RACES Coordinator

After an exhaustive search we have found a volunteer to take on the RACES Director position. His name is Bill Akins and works full time for MDOT. He brings to us an extensive background in Amateur Emergency Communications. He has experience and leadership roles in the Maine American Radio Relay League (ARRL) as a District Emergency Coordinator.

Bill was selected for the position by an EMA County Director, the former RACES Director and the State ARRL Emergency Section Coordinator, and Roy Jones.

MEMA Contact

Please address any SCIP or PSIC Grant Program related questions to Bruce Fitzgerald at or by phone at 624-4474.



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