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Expected Rain Prompts Flood Safety Reminder


April 28, 2008

4:00 PM


AUGUSTA, MAINE — Rain Monday and Tuesday will likely have Maine’s rivers and streams running high, and in some cases above flood stage. Maine Emergency Management Agency and county and state officials were briefed on flood potential by the National Weather Service in a conference call earlier today.

MEMA Director Robert McAleer noted that the rainfall will add to streams already running high from melting snow. “While we are not expecting catastrophic flood conditions, officials will be on alert for local flooding, especially in low-lying areas” he said. “Anyone whose home or business is prone to flooding should be especially vigilant, and prepared for possible problems.”

McAleer stressed that the single most important safety tip is to stay informed. “Conditions change rapidly in Maine,” he said. “The amount of rain we get in any one area will affect flooding conditions greatly. All of us need to be “tuned in” to the latest weather information and pay close attention to local conditions over the next few days.”

MEMA offers these flood and flash flood safety tips: * Avoid all flooded roadways. If a road is barricaded, take an alternate route. If you come on a road that is flooded and not marked, please notify local officials.
* Keep away from fast-moving streams. Swiftly moving water is extremely powerful and can easily overpower a person. * Keep children and pets inside and away from flooded streets, culverts, and streams. * Report any flooded roads to local officials. * If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

Visit for more flood safety and preparedness information. Visit for current road conditions.



Lynette Miller


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