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State Gearing up for Another Wintry Mess


March 7, 2008

4:00 PM


AUGUSTA, MAINE -- The Maine Emergency Management Agency once again urges Mainers to put safety uppermost as a mixed bag of dangerous weather moves into the State on Saturday.

“The National Weather Service has advised us to anticipate conditions ranging from potential street and small stream flooding in southern and central areas, to sleet, freezing rain and possibly significant icing farther inland, to more snow in the north,” MEMA Director Rob McAleer said. “It’s critical to stay tuned to National Weather Service forecasts for your area, because the hazards will be different depending on where you are.”

MEMA, County Emergency Management Agencies, utilities and state response agencies were briefed by the National Weather Service in a conference call earlier today.

“Emergency managers statewide have put response contingency plans together for the weekend, and individuals and families should too.” McAleer said.

Mainers are reminded to:

  • Monitor weather forecasts closely for expected conditions in your area
  • Stay clear of flooded roadways. Respect all barricades, and report flooded areas to local officials
  • Use extreme care driving in icy conditions. Stay off the roads if possible.
  • If the power goes out, use generators and alternate heat sources safely. Never run a generator in a basement or attached garage. Carbon monoxide poisoning may result.
  • Continue to keep roofs clear of snow. Rain and sleet will add weight to existing snow. Make sure heating system vents are clear also, to prevent carbon monoxide from backing up in the home.
  • Protect outside oil tanks from snow and ice falling from the roof. Serious oil spills can result
  • Check on neighbors, family and friends who may need special assistance to clear snow and ice and to weather the storm

Important phone numbers and web sites:

The weekend storm is not expected to cause flooding on Maine’s major rivers, but may well add to water content in the snowpack in northern and western Maine. Flood potential will continue to be monitored closely as the spring progresses. Weekly snow survey reports and other flood potential information can be found at



Lynette Miller


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