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Mainers Reminded to Clear Away Snow from Roofs and Vents


March 3, 2008

1:00 PM


AUGUSTA, MAINE — County and state emergency management officials are reminding Mainers of risks associated with the snow piled up on roofs and around vents.

“We strongly recommend that residents and business owners take steps to clear snow off their roofs,” MEMA Director Rob McAleer said today. “The roof failure at Sacopee Valley High School underscores the damage that can occur from the sheer weight of so much snow. Snow on the roof can also cause ice dams, permanent roof damage and leaks.”

McAleer also echoed the recommendations of a number of emergency responders across the state, to make sure that heating system vents are clear of ice and snow. “When these vents are blocked, carbon monoxide can back up inside the building, causing a dangerous health situation,” he said.

“This is also a situation where neighbors can help neighbors, “ McAleer said. “Think about relatives and friends who might need some help clearing roofs and vents.”.

For more information about carbon monoxide safety and other winter safety tips:



Lynette Miller


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