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Enjoy Thanksgiving Safely


November 19, 2007


Holiday weekends are wonderful occasions to get together with family, relax, and reconnect with friends. MEMA and our many partners in safety hope that this Thanksgiving will be a safe one.

We invite you to review our fact sheet on Thanksgiving safety, to ensure that you and your family will:

  • Travel safely. This is the busiest travel weekend of the year, and law enforcement agencies urge everyone to slow down, take it easy, and watch out for the other guy!
  • Cook safely. Kitchen and cooking fires are far more likely to occur on Thanksgiving, when lots of cooking, lots of family, and lots of commotion can lead to accidents and fires
  • Eat safely! Simple precautions when thawing and cooking your Thanksgiving turkey can protect your family's health.

For details, be sure to check out our Turkey Day Safety fact sheet.

When your family is gathered around for the holiday, it is also a great time to also gather together everyone's communication information (phone number, call numbers, e-mail addresses). That's the first step in building a family communications plan that you can use to keep in touch with loved ones in any emergency.



Lynette Miller


Last update: 07/20/10