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Drinking Water Safety


April 16, 2007

6:00 PM


THe Patriot's Day Storm has affected some private wells and drinking water systems.

The Maine CDC advises any Mainers whose water source has been affected by the storm, to make sure their water is safe to drink.

Purifying Water

It is always better to obtain drinking water from a source that you know to be pure (public water supply or bottled water, for example). However, if in an emergency you need to use water from another source, there are a number of ways to purify water to make it safe:

  • Boiling
  • Disinfecting
  • Distilling

The Maine CDC and the Maine Emergency Management Agency have published a fact sheet describing these different methods to purify water.

You should not use water that has floating material, an odor or a dark color. You should never try to disinfect and drink flood water.

Contaminated Wells

If your private well has been contaminated, you may be able to disinfect it using household bleach. If you believe your well has been contaminated, you may contact the Maine Drinking Water Program 24 hours a day at 557-4214. The Drinking Water program also has detailed detailed instructions on disinfecting your well on their website.



Nancy Beardsley


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