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Governor Urges Safety Precautions


April 16, 2007

11:30 AM


AUGUSTA, MAINE –"Maine continues to be battered by a serious storm. When possible, people should stay off the roads. A number of roads are closed and travel can be dangerous," Governor John Baldacci said Monday from the State's Emergency Operations Center in Augusta. "The Maine Emergency Management Agency, county EMA staff and local first responders are on the job and closely monitoring the situation."

The powerful storm affecting Maine is creating many safety hazards today. Please:

  • Limit your travel today to allow emergency response workers to do their jobs
  • Stay away from coastal areas: sightseeing is dangerous, and sightseers can block access needed for responders.
  • Avoid all downed power lines. Downed lines in standing water may not be easily visible.
  • Avoid all flooded roadways. If a road is barricaded, take an alternate route. If you come on a road that is flooded and not marked, please notify local officials.
  • If your basement is flooded, there may be an electrical shock hazard. Please do not go into the basement if water is over electrical outlets.
  • If you suspect damage to your oil tank, please call 800-482-0777 to notify DEP
  • If propane-powered appliances are flooded, turn the propane off at the source.
  • If power goes out, avoid using candles and lanterns. If you must use them, keep them away from draperies and other flammable materials, and do not leave them unattended.
  • If you use an alternate heat source such as a kerosene heater, follow all instructions and vent it properly.
  • Start your generator OUTDOORS ONLY. Generators should never be used in basements or garages.
  • Operate charcoal or propane grills OUTSIDE; never use them inside.

For more safety and preparedness Information, visit

Important contact numbers:

  • For immediate emergency assistance: Call 911
  • For road conditions: Call 511 or visit
  • For shelter information: Call 211 or visit
  • For flooded oil tanks: Call 800-482-0777 to notify DEP
  • To report flooded roads or other problems: Call your local emergency management or fire department
  • To report power outages: Call the emergency number for your utility



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