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Hurricane Irene Likely to Affect New England: Stay Tuned


August 24, 2011

3:00 PM


AUGUSTA, MAINE -- Hurricane Irene will be moving up the East Coast and may impact Maine over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service. Since the storm is still many days away, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to the timing, track, strength and impact on Maine.

“Be prepared, and 'stay tuned'” says Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Director Rob McAleer. “Irene could bring heavy rains, high winds, storm surge or any combination of those things. Pay close attention to weather forecasts, and start now to think about your personal emergency plans. You want to give yourself enough time to take care of your home, business or boat before the storm arrives.”

Maine Emergency Management Agency recommends:

  • Stay informed as the storm approaches. The track of Irene is still uncertain, and even a slight variation could make a big difference in the effects on Maine, and the area of the State that is affected. You can find current information on Irene and a wealth of preparedness tips at
  • Hurricane Irene could bring heavy rain and flooding inland, or high winds and power outages, or coastal flooding, or all of these things. Make preparations at your home or business based on what could happen where you are.
  • If you have a boat along the coast, take precautions before the storm arrives. MEMA has posted preparedness tips for boaters at Maine Prepares.
  • Store or tie down any lawn furniture or other outdoor items that could blow away
  • If you might be isolated in your home or without power, check on the supplies you might need to ride out the storm, including special medical items and supplies for children and pets
  • If you think you might need to leave your home, fill your car with gasoline, and withdraw a small amount of emergency cash from your bank or ATM. Also, make a "go-kit" of essential supplies you would need if you had to leave
  • Once you are all set, check on a neighbor, friend or relative who might need extra help

Most important, again, is to stay informed. Stay tuned to local news, visit or listen to your NOAA Weather Radio to be sure of current forecasts, and how the storm will affect your area.
You can also sign up for e-mail weather alerts for your county, and other emergency news.

For more preparedness and safety information, the latest weather forecasts, and links to the latest advisories and tracks for Hurricane Irene, visit

MEMA has begun daily consultations with the Governor’s office, FEMA and the National Weather Service. Thursday, the agency will begin daily coordination conference calls with the Weather Service, FEMA, County and metro area emergency managers, utilities, state agencies, Canadian provinces and key private sector and volunteer partners.





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