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SCIP Monthly Update October 2010


October 7, 2010


State of Maine Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP)

National Emergency Communications Plan and Maine Emergency Management Agency Update

NECP-Goal 2

By 2011, 75 percent of non-UASI jurisdictions are able to demonstrate response-level emergency communications within one hour for routine events involving multiple jurisdictions and agencies.

NECP-Goal 3

By 2013, 75 percent of all jusisdictions are able to demonstrate response-level emergency communications within three hours, in the event of a significant event as outlined in national planning scenarios.

As the SAA for all the Public Safety Interoperable communications grants and Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program, we continue to be challenged to prove that we are utilizing the funds appropriately and making positive progress towards the NECP requirements.

In an effort to streamline our reporting capabliities and to ensure that we are reporting our accomplishments to the Federal Government, a new online form has been developed. This form will provide you guidance for planning your communications exercises as well as providing a reporting mechanism to help in developing an overall baseline for your jurisdiction, county, and State communications readiness.

We ask that you utilize this in the future when developing your exercise plans, to ensure you are working towards the NECP Goals 2 & 3. When requesting reimbursement for a preapproved communications exercise, we will need you to complete this form. Once we receive this form and your invoice we will process the reimbursement request. Without this form completed, we will not be able to reimburse you for the approved exercise.

Select Reimbursement Form for Communications Event

MEMA releases DVD in regards to Narrowbanding:

This week MEMA released a DVD "Narrowband Will You Be Ready" that explains the Narrowbanding dilemma facing all of us. If you would like a copy of this DVD please contact Steven Mallory. Also for those of you that would like to watch this video please follow the link below.

 816    16

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Last update: 07/20/10