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School and Workplace Violence: Planning and Response

Date: August 18, 2014 through August 19, 2014
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Brewer Community School
92 Pendleton Street
Brewer ‚ Maine

Description of Event:

The Brewer Police Department and Brewer School Department are hosting the following training:

School and Workplace Violence: Planning and Response

Instructed by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

DATE: August 18 and 19, 2014
TIME: 0800hrs to 1600hrs
LOCATION: Brewer Community School
92 Pendleton Street, Brewer, Maine 04412

1. Law Enforcement Officers
2. School Administrations
3. Business Owners and Managers
4. Directors and Managers of Churches and Hospitals
5. Public Safety Staff from Fire Departments and 911/Communication Services

NTOA Members and Non-Law Enforcement: $168
Non-members (Law Enforcement): $223 (includes 1yr membership)

Register online at:
Or get a registration form by calling 1-800-279-9127 ext.2

Registration Deadline: 07/18/2014

Course Content:
This is a special course for public safety, school, and business professionals dealing with selected issues in preparing for and responding to incidents of mass violence. All participants will begin classroom instruction together; the law enforcement attendees and the school/business attendees will then separate for continued instruction along tracks suited to the roles of each group. All participants will reunite for the practical application to allow for integration of their respective roles during field exercises. Utilizing both lecture and facilitated learning techniques, the following topics will be among those covered: threat analysis, the application of physical security systems and procedures to incidents of mass violence, emergency plan development and assessment, and law enforcement response issues. It is expected that participants are familiar with basic concepts in these areas. Special emphasis will be given to lessons learned from past incidents.

Day-to-Day Agenda Summary:
Day One will begin with a combined session for law enforcement and school/business personnel. The topics will include a historical overview of school and workplace violence, with special emphasis on recent incidents. The nature of threats will be discussed, emphasizing available methods and weapons that any individual or group may use to perpetrate acts of mass violence. After lunch, each group will, separately, discuss issues related to working with the other type of professional. Law enforcement will examine traditional response techniques and review rapid deployment; school/business participants will learn threat and vulnerability assessment fundamentals. Day Two will continue with the two groups following separate tracks. Law enforcement will cover issues and best practices involving patrol, tactical teams, and off-duty officers; school/business attendees will cover the basics of security and emergency plan development. At the end of the day the two groups will come together; based on what they have learned, they will discuss working together in planning for and responding to incidents.

Course Overview:
NTOA’s School and Workplace Violence course is designed to assist law enforcement officers and their communities in planning and preparing for active shooter and similar incidents.

During class, public safety agencies will collaborate with the staff of organizations such as schools, churches, hospitals, factories, and other businesses to develop realistic plans, policies, and procedures to counter such threats. We encourage inclusion of public safety staff from fire departments, emergency medical services, and 911/communications services.

The goal of this course is to prepare potential victims to protect themselves until law enforcement officers arrive. Participants from the various groups will learn and work together to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.

Topics covered in this course include:
• Lessons learned: A review of relevant incidents
• The dynamics of active shooter incidents
• The Decision Cycle
• Law enforcement response: A review of current response tactics
• Public safety response: Working with fire, EMS, 911, and emergency management
• Threat assessment: Policies and procedures to help identify potential threats
• Site surveys: Identifying and collecting critical information about potential targets to assist in responding to an attack
• Security planning: Determining essential functions of physical security systems, including policies, procedures and hardware
• Emergency planning: Developing credible policies and procedures around the paradigm “Run, Hide, or Fight”
• Vulnerability assessment: Looking at facilities through the eyes of an attacker to determine weaknesses
• Drills and exercises: Instructors can help participants set up and run drills and exercises designed for their specific organizations and facilities Note: Such practical training requires additional instructors and access to suitable facilities.

See attachment below.

For more information, contact:

Lt. Christopher Martin, Brewer Police Department





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