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What is an enhanced driver’s license?


Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (EDLs) are new, low cost, convenient travel documents that denote both identity and citizenship. (Enhanced Identification Cards, where available, are also WHTI compliant travel documents providing both proof of identity and citizenship.)

Washington, Vermont, New York, and Michigan are issuing EDLs for U.S. citizens who are residents of their states, which may be used instead of a passport to enter the United State from Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. EDLs contain features such as a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip and machine-readable zones that will facilitate the entry process at land and sea ports of entry. EDLs were specifically designed to meet the unique challenges at the land borders, and are not accepted for international air travel. However, they can be used for identification purposes at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening checkpoints for domestic air travel.

British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec are issuing WHTI-compliant EDLs to Canadian citizens who are residents of their provinces.

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