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Online Maps

ArcGIS Online State of Maine ArcGIS Online
Online maps and services from the State of Maine in AGO.
orthoviewer sample MEGIS Basemap and Orthoimagery Viewer
View and download aerial photos and satellite imagery
orthoviewer sample Maine orthoimagery discovery and download application
View and download aerial photos and satellite imagery
orthoviewer sample Maine elevation data discovery and download application
View and download elevation data
E911 mapbooks Broadband Availability in Maine - ConnectME Authority
Determine broadband availability throughout Maine
BWH Viewer Beginning with Habitat Map Viewers
Water Resources, Riparian Habitats, High Value Plant & Animal Habitats
LURC sample Maine Cemeteries Map Viewer
Query and find cemeteries in Maine
LURC sample GeoLibrary GeoParcel Viewer
See parcels in Maine's organized towns
LURC sample LUPC Zoning and Parcel Viewer
See parcels and zoning in Maine's unorganized territories
DOT viewer sample MaineDOT Map Viewer
Displays MaineDOT GIS data in an interactive map. Intended for anyone working to advise, plan, or support the management of transportation infrastructure. Not intended for trip-planning.
DOT posted roads sample MaineDOT Posted Roads and Bridges
Displays state roads as well as bridges posted for weight restrictions. Does not currently show local (municipally-owned) roads that may be posted for weight. Intended for anyone driving or coordinating vehicles with heavy loads.
DOT construction sample MaineDOT Construction Advertisement Plan
Displays MaineDOT GIS representation of construction project locations which are planned to be advertised in the current calendar year. Intended for anyone interested in transportation infrastructure construction projects for-which MaineDOT plans to solicit bids (a.k.a. advertise).
DOT control sample MaineDOT Survey Control Points
View control points used in DOT project surveys
DMR sample DMR Applications
Marine Resource applications (external page)
DEP sample DEP Applications
DEP Google Earth applications for environmental data (external page)
State Conservation Lands State Conservation Lands Map
State Conservation Lands interactive map.
BP&L LWCF/RTP BP&L Land and Water Conservation Fund/Recreational Trails Program
The Grants and Community Recreation Division, in addition to its responsibilities regarding federal and state grant programs, serves as a resource for Maine cities and towns in matters related to community recreation.
BP&L Boat Facilities BP&L Public Boat Facilities
The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands Boating Facilities Division's public boat access site data is available, geographically referenced, via Google Earth.

Geocoding Services

The Maine Office of GIS provides geocoding services available as REST services. They can be consumed in ArcGIS or directly by an application

Geocode addresses against the NG911 roads data and returns UTM coordinates

Geocodes addresses against the NG911 points data - not complete statewide

GIS Web Services

The Maine Office of GIS and the Maine GeoLibrary Board provide web GIS services to distribute aerial photos and other digital data. A GIS Web Service is not a web application which you can see in a web browser; rather, it requires you to add the service to a GIS software application.

These services have been successfully tested in ArcGIS, MapInfo, Google Earth, QGIS, gvSIG, Gaia and uDig.

Statewide Ortho WMS Services URL:

Municipal WMS Services URL:

7.5' USGS Topos & NOAA Nautical Charts WMS Services URLs:

Maine Basemap Service URL (now includes the marine basemap):

2015 Maine Geolibrary Orthoimagery WMS:

2016 Maine Geolibrary Orthoimagery WMS:

Maine Geolibrary Digital Elevation Model WMS:

2015 Maine Geolibrary LiDAR 1 meter DEM Elevation WMS:

2016 Maine Geolibrary LiDAR 1 meter DEM WMS:

Maine Geolibrary 2 meter LiDAR DEM WMS:

2015 Maine Geolibrary LiDAR 1 meter Hillshade WMS:

2016 Maine Geolibrary LiDAR 1 meter Hillshade WMS:

Adding a WMS to your GIS application
ArcGIS Gaia Global Mapper Google Earth gvSIG MapInfo QGIS uDig

Tips for Using WMS

  • ArcGIS users - if the ortho service(s) display with incorrect coloring (i.e. all yellow or all red or all blue, etc.) this is due to the default ordering of raster bands in ArcGIS. The default order for both 3-band and 4-band rasters needs to be set to 1 - 2 - 3 for Red-Green-Blue.
  • WMS was not supported in ArcGIS until version 9.1. Users of 9.0 and 8.3 can access WMS with free add-ons from ESRI: 9.0 users can install service pack 3 to get WMS support; 8.3 users have to use the OGC Interoperability Add-On for ArcGIS, which is a free download
  • ALL SERVICES ARE WMS 1.1.1. There is a bug with using WMS in ArcGIS v 9.3.1 - you must explicitly set the version to 1.1.1 in the version drop-down box when making the connection.
  • CAD users - some CAD clients will attempt to connect at WMS v1.3, you can explicitly set the version for CAD clients by adding VERSION=1.1.1& to the end of the URL when making your connection.
  • MapInfo users - WMS help starts on page 454.
  • QGIS users - WMS help starts on page 63; specify image type PNG or the service will not look good.
  • uDig users - get the Add Data Wizard by clicking "Layers"; "Add".
  • Gaia users - WMS help starts on page 17.
  • Each service by default is provided in lat/long, but will also work in UTM and State Plane (and probably any other projection system).
  • Printing these and any other WMS using ArcGIS - if you are printing very large maps (E-size and larger), you may find the WMS is not printing properly. You can fix this by lowering the "image quality" in your printer settings to "normal" (1:3) or even lower. Even printing at the lowest setting ("fast" or 1:5), it will look fine on a big map.