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Phases I/II

U.S. Route 1 in the Towns of Wiscasset and edgecomb have experienced extended travel delays during summer months for many years. MaineDOT continues to work with the Towns and other adjacent communities on non-bypass solutions to reduce travel delays, including installation of a travel delay advisory system.

Phase I

The following Manual Operations were conducted for the first phase:

  • MaineDOT met with and entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with representatives from the Town of Wiscasset and Lincoln County law enforcement and emergency services. It was agreed that law enforcement officials would contact the Lincoln County Communications Center (LCCC) when Route 1 northbound traffic backed up from the Wiscasset Village area to Birch Point Road, located about one mile south of Route 27, and again when the traffic back-up had reduced to Holbrook Pond, located about 0.5 miles south of Route 27. Upon notification from the LCCC, MaineDOT posted a message (WISCASSET-EXPECT-DELAYS) at a Variable Message Sign (VMS) located at I-295 mile marker 25 located about 3 miles south of the Brunswick Route 1 northbound exit and also to its travel conditions internet web site. Upon second notification from the LCCC, MaineDOT deactivated the messages.
  • MaineDOT also met or communicated with the Boothbay Harbor Region, Damariscotta Region and Southern Midcoast Regional Chambers of Commerce to obtain their input and for them to inform their members.
  • A news release explaining the system was issued.
  • The pilot project ran from August 28 through October 15, 2008. The system was activated three times:
    • August 28 – about 2 hours
    • August 29 – 3.15 hours
    • September 16 – 1.67 hours
  • Only one complaint was received during Phase I pilot project operations. It was later determined to be a one-hour delay for Route 1 southbound traffic in Edgecomb due to a 5-vehicle collision. Note that the system was not monitoring southbound traffic in Edgecomb.
  • Phase I Final Report (web page)

Phase II

This phase of the Traveler Information System automated the monitering process. It provides real-time travel delay information to both northbound and southbound travelers of Route 1 in Wiscasset and Edgecomb. Phase II consists of three interlinked systems :

  • Two solar powered radar speed detection installations with web cameras (to verify northbound and / or southbound travel delays), linked to the MaineDOT Radio Room.
  • One permanent vehicle counting and classification station with radar speed detection.
  • A safety project in Edgecomb to alert Route 1 southbound travelers of stopped traffic ahead.
  • View Traffic condtions.


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