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Wiscasset Non-Bypass Strategies

Vision and Goals

  • Vision Statement
    • The Boards of Selectmen from the Towns of Wiscasset and Edgecomb envision US Route 1 as being a major thoroughfare connecting midcoast Maine and having smooth and safe traffic flows providing residents, through travelers and pedestrians an opportunity to enjoy the scenic, cultural and historic nature of the area.
  • Goals
    • Minimize traffic delays
    • Minimize overall travel time through the two communities
    • Improve traffic safety
    • Maintain the area’s historic and cultural assets – improvements should be appropriate to and in keeping with the historic era
    • Provide smooth traffic flow with minimal disruptions and delays
    • Minimize traffic volumes
    • Minimize jay walking
    • Be pedestrian friendly – provide suitable pedestrian crossing opportunities without inhibiting traffic flow
    • Implement strategies in the short-term
    • Promote the area as a destination, but also offer alternate routes for through-travelers
    • Protect and enhance historic values of the area
    • Incorporate mulimodal approaches
    • Ensure Davey Bridge is not considered a barrier to the rest of the County

Non-Bypass Strategies

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