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Location Permits FAQ's

  • Who Needs a Location Permit?
    In short, anyone who will be installing new facilities along a public highway corridor.   For more specific information regarding facilities along state and state-aid highways, please refer to Section 5 of the Department's Utility Accommodation Policy.
  • Who Issues a Location Permit?
    The Licensing Authority for the issuance of utility location permits is defined in  Title 35-A M.R.S.A. § 2502 of Maine Law.  They are as follows:
    • The Department of Transportation, when the public way is a state or state-aid highway, except for state or state-aid highways in the compact areas of urban compact municipalities as defined in Title 23, section 754

    • The municipal officers or their designees: when the public way is a city street or town way or a state or state-aid highway in compact areas.

    • The county commissioners: for all other public ways.
  • Once I have a Location Permit, am I all set?
    In most cases, no. A Location Permit only provides a license to locate facilities within the public right-of-way limits. Before you disturb any soil, you must obtain any other applicable permits (i.e. environmental, railroad, Coast Guard, etc...) and also check whether your proposed work will require a Highway Opening or Excavation Permit from the MDOT Maintenance Division office or the municipality.



This page last updated on 10/16/13

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