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Utility Coordination

Here on the Utility Coordination page you will find information relating to our utility coordination process.  This includes several letter templates in Microsoft Word format, in addition to a step-by-step overview of how utility coordination occurs  throughout the development of a MaineDOT or MaineDOT-funded project. 

The letter templates have been set up assuming that they will be used by a MaineDOT consultant; however, anyone who proposes any work that affects utilities or other outside parties is encouraged to use this process as well.  Portions of the letters that must be changed for MaineDOT projects have been highlighted with a combination of brackets, italics and bold-face type (for example, if a particular sentence needs the date of a meeting entered, it will appear as {Date}).  People wishing to modify these letters for non-MaineDOT projects will also need to remove all references to the Maine Department of Transportation.


File Description

Coordination Process

A detailed overview of the utility coordination process.

Initial letter requesting information and contact names.

Survey Plan distribution requesting accuracy review of existing utilities.
Preliminary Plan distribution requesting conflict ID and preliminary design of utility relocations.
Construction Plan distribution & set-up Pre-coordination Meeting
Utility Special Provision distribution
Sample Utility Special Provision modified for the new 100's section of the Standard Specifications
Set-up Pre-construction Meeting
Distribution of Pre-construction Meeting minutes.
This letter is prepared by a Utility Coordinator to certify and summarize the utility coordination process.
This form is used by a Utility Coordinator to record the location or relocation of utilities associated with MaineDOT or MaineDOT-funded projects.


This page last updated on 4/18/14

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