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Traffic Engineering Operations

Pavement Marking and Operations

The largest section in the Traffic Engineering Division contains the Sign Shop, Stencil, and Striping crews. 

The Pavement Marking Program final totals for the year 2003 have been calculated.  The State Striping Crews painted all centerlines within their area of responsibility and all the required programmed 2003 year edge lines.  The total miles were 17,020.  We applied 262,000 gallons of paint. The break down was 166,000 gallons of yellow and 96,000 gallons of white paint. The state also used 2,139,900 pounds of glass beads.  The beads are added to the paint to ensure reflectivity at night and in inclement weather.

The sign shop consists of a crew of six. They produce approximately 20,000 signs a year, which they distribute to many state agencies throughout Maine.

Electrical Operations

The Electrical Crew currently consists of three master electricians with plans to add two more positions in the future. They are responsible for all of MDOT's signals, beacons, highway and bridge lighting, electrical signs, and installing many of the new projects. This includes,1072 lights, 600 control points, 155 lighting towers, 518 fixtures, 104 beacons, 33 signals and 53 dynamic signs statewide. This crew is NEVER short of work.


This page last updated on 6/23/14