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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most asked questions that people have about the OBDS process.

Q. How do I get a business sign?
You must apply to the Maine Dept. of Transportation's Right-of-Way Maintenance Control section for a permit.

Q. Does the State make the signs?
No, the State of Maine does not make the signs. Once a permit has been issued, the permittee is responsible for the signs fabrication.

Q. Does the State only allow OBDS signs on State Highways?
No, the State allows OBDS signs on any public way with local approval.

Q. Who in the municipality where the sign is to be located signs the application?
In most municipalities, it is the Codes Enforcement Officer or  other Municipal official who signs the applications.

Q. Who installs the signs?
The Maine Dept. of Transportation sign crew will install the sign(s).

Q. How much does a sign cost?
The cost varies in different towns, cities, and counties.

Q. How many kinds of signs are allowed?
There are two types the the MDOT allows, Reflectorized in three (3) sizes, and Non-Reflectorized in one (1) size.

Q. What are the sign dimensions?

Q. Can I have the sign installed ahead of my business?
No, the OBDS is for change of direction.

Q. Can I make my own sign?
Yes, the Non-reflectorized sign may be constructed by the owner, but it must be constructed to the regulations as shown on the Forms Page.

Q. Can I use any Logos?
Yes, but they should be similar to the examples shown on the Forms Page.

Q. Can I apply for a sign permit online?
Not at this time, however you can download and print out the application forms on the Forms Page of this web site; and mail them in.

Q. Do I need an application for each sign?
No, each application is good for two (2) signs, one for left turns and one for right turns at the same intersection.

Q. Do I need to send payment in with the application(s)?
Yes, the cost for Non-Reflectorized is $15.00 per sign, the cost for Reflectorized is $30.00 per sign.



This page last updated on 6/16/14