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Directions for Driveway/Entrance Applications

Section A

Line 1   Fill in the name of the person(s) who holds the deed on this property.

Line 2   Fill in the current mailing address of the Property owner, not the address of the property for which the applicant seeks a driveway/entrance.

Line 3    If the applicant/agent is not the property owner fill in their name here.

Line 4    Fill in the address of applicant/agent if different than property owner.

Line 5    Fill in the owner’s Telephone numbers both work numbers and home numbers

Section B

Line 6    Fill in directions to your property from a major intersection or major landmark.  Staking/flagging of the driveway is required to make locating driveway/entrance easier.

Line 7    Fill in Route number if roadway is on a numbered state route.  If not on state route fill in the name of road the driveway/entrance is to be located on.

Line 8    Fill in if the driveway/entrance is on the north/south/east or west side of the roadway.

Line 9    Fill in the city/town in which the driveway/entrance is located.  Also fill in County.

Line 10   Fill in the distance from the nearest intersection as measured from your vehicles odometer.  Distance shall be to the nearest tenth of a mile.  Also list the name of the nearest intersection.  This information will help the department’s staff to locate your property.

Line 11   If the driveway/entrance has a utility pole in the vicinity, please read the numbers off the pole and write on this line.  This information could help the department’s staff locate the property.  If survey data is available please attach to the application.

Line 12     If you city/town has tax maps please attach a copy of said map to the application.  The tax map will help the department in determining the frontage of your property should a problem arise in the location in which you are requesting a driveway/entrance.

Section C

Line 13    Fill in the width of driveway/entrance (in feet) that you are requesting.  Please fill in whether you are  planning to build a gravel, paved, concrete, crushed stone driveway or other driveway surface.

Line 14   If the footprint of your building and driveway cover more than 10,000 square feet mark yes, if less than 10,000square feet mark no.  This information will help the department determine what drainage features are needed to protect the roadway and driveway/entrances in the vicinity of your access point.

Line 15    If your property has an existing driveway/entrance, but you wish to make changes in the use of your property or are changing the location, shape or grade of your driveway/entrance, mark the yes answer and proceed to line 16, if not, mark no and proceed to line 19.

Line 16     If you have an existing access point and you are changing the use of the property to something that will generate more traffic (such as a home to a business or a low volume business to a higher volume business) please mark change of use and proceed to Line 17.  If you are changing the location of your drive, adding another driveway, changing the shape of your driveway or adjusting the grade of your driveway/entrance (increasing or decreasing your driveway/entrance steepness) please mark modification to existing access and proceed to line 18.

Line 17     If you are changing the use of your land please describe in detail the change in usage and how much more traffic you expect the change to generate.  Proceed to Section D.

Line 18     If you are modifying your access, please describe the changes you will make to the location, shape or grade adjustment.  Proceed to Section D.

Line 19      If you are constructing a new driveway or entrance, please mark all items that apply to what kind of land use you are intending to construct.  If the intended use of the land is for some sort of business please  list the number of employees a day that are expected to work there, the number of customers you expect per day and what you believe the busiest time of day will be.

Section D

Line 20     Please fill in the dates you expect the construction of your driveway/entrance to begin on  and when you expect the construction to be complete.

Line 21     Fill in the name of the person or company you have hired to perform the construction work.

Line 22       List the name of the contact person for the construction company or individual responsible for the construction and a phone number where they can be reached.


This page last updated on 6/23/14