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Winter Maintenance Research Reports

  • 05-01: Evaluation of the Schmidt-STRATOS spreader.

Technical Report 2005 (PDF)

  • 06-6: Documentation of Liquid De-icing Agents Utilized
    During the Winter of 2005-2006

Problem Solving 2006 (PDF)

  • 07-01: Evaluation of 6 modified salt spreaders
  • Problem Solving 2007 (PDF)

  • 10-02: Evaluation of the Kuper - Tuca SX36 Snow Plow Cutting Edges

Technical Brief 2010 (PDF)

  • 10-04: Second Year Evaluation of the Viking-Cives Tow Plow

Technical Brief 2010 (PDF)

  • 10-06: Maine Winter Roads: Salt, Safety, Environment, and Cost

Executive Summary 2010 (PDF)


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