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Maine Composites Initiative

MaineDOT in partnership with the University of Maine Advanced Structures & Composites Center (AEWC) and the Maine Composites Alliance has developed, tested and implemented a variety of innovative composite solutions for transportation. Through the efficient use of state and federal research funding the department has been able to utilize composites in a variety of actual transportation infrastructure installations. MaineDOT has worked with industry to identify opportunities for the use of composite technologies in common transportation infrastructure applications.

These composite technologies and applications have a significant benefit in transportation applications across the nation and the world. Composites will not corrode, serve as a stay-in-place form in certain applications, are more durable, lighter and are easier to install than traditional materials.

Some of the projects being implemented through the Maine Composites Initiative are highlighted here.


This is a photo of a culvert composite invert liner.



Maine DOT-UMaine Transportation Composites Research Partnership (PDF)


This page last updated on 8/13/10