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The Highway Adequacy Interim Report 2006

The Highway Adequacy Index (HAI) is a way for MaineDOT to prioritize highways to be addressed through capital improvements and to better quantify the system need for these improvements. Currently the quantification for system need is done using unbuilt roads data and or spring time postings. While these are valuable ways to identify roadways that require significant treatments to address their deficiencies, they do little in discerning a difference between unbuilt sections of roadway. HAI takes into account both safety and the service being provided to the traveling public and in turn derives a priority rating based on the three sub indices.

HAI is currently in its infancy. Over the next biennium the Department intends to greatly expand the reliability and accuracy of the HAI. Many initiatives are currently underway to improve the HAI; the two that will have the largest impact are inclusion of Curve and Grade Data into the Safety Index and the inclusion of network level Falling Weight Deflectometer readings into the Condition Index. With these two major improvements it is expected that the HAI rating of each road can greatly enhance the methods for which the Department identifies, quantifies the needs, and prioritizes the improvements of the highways under its jurisdiction.

Interim Report


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