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Maine State Rail Plan

This is a picture of a section of railroad trackWelcome to the web site for the Maine State Rail Plan. This web site contains information about the development of this new plan, and informs the public on how to stay informed and provide input.

The need for competitive transportation options for Maine businesses and citizens, along with fluctuating energy costs and concern about climate change, require economical and environmentally friendly transportation modes. As a result, freight and passenger rail have become a stronger focus for the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) in recent years.

In order to determine where and how to best make rail investments over the next ten-year period, MaineDOT is conducting an in-depth analysis into the state’s rail system—its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The resulting plan will provide direction for the future of rail over the next ten years and provide access to various sources of critically needed federal rail funding.

Rail Plan Update: July, 2010

MaineDOT's recent efforts on the potential MM&A abandonment, as well as the newly granted Portland-Brunswick ARRA funding, has delayed the release of the draft Maine State Rail Plan. MaineDOT wants to be sure that the draft reflects all the impacts of the current situations and challenges.

At this point, we expect to have the Draft Plan available to the public on this site by the end of 2010. We thank you very much for your patience.

This page last updated on 9/14/10