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Technical Advisory Committee

This is a picture of a switch on a Railroad trackIn developing the Maine State Rail Plan, MaineDOT is seeking advice on practical and policy issues from a committee made up of people from various transportation and planning interests from across the state.

These interests include not just the rail industry, but also shippers, ports, passenger rail agencies, legislative interests, regional planners, state and local entities and regional advocacy organizations.

TAC members represent statewide or regional organized groups or businesses that are critical to the growth and economic viability of freight and passenger rail through their role in infrastructure management, rail usage, planning and economic development or significant advocacy.

Power Point Presentation to the TAC (web page)

The Purpose of the TAC

  • To help identify issues and trends that affect the quality of life and business conditions in the state
  • To help identify rail and connection needs
  • To help identify better ways to collaborate
  • To provide your opinion on statewide and regional rail strategies
  • To help MaineDOT prioritize rail investment in Maine

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting Minutes

Current Committee Members

  • Rail Operators
    • Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway: Robert C. Grindrod, Pres. & CEO
    • Maine Eastern Railroad: Gordon Fuller, CEO
    • St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad: Ed Foley, VP
    • Pan Am Railways: Sydney Culliford, Executive Vice President
    • New Brunswick Southern: Ian Simpson, General Manager
  • Transloaders
    • Safe Handling: Ford Reiche, President
  • Shippers
    • VERSO: Patty Aho, Pierce Atwood
    • Sappi: Michael G. Segal, PE, Director, Logistics
  • Passenger Rail
    • Amtrak: Paul Eastwood
    • NNEPRA: Patricia Quinn, Executive Director
  • Ports
    • Maine Port Authority: John Henshaw
  • Distribution Center
    • Fore River Distribution Center: Michael Cella, President
  • Regional Planning Organizations
    • Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG): Neal Allen
    • Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (AVCOG): Don Craig, Transportation Director
    • Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System (BACTS): Executive Director (Rob Kenerson, same as EMDC)
    • Southern Maine Regional Planning: Tom Reinauer, Transportation Director
  • Economic Development Organizations
    • Eastern Maine Development Corporation: Rob Kenerson,
    • Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council: Lucien Gosselin, Executive Director
    • Northern Maine Development Commission: Denis Berube
    • Maine International Trade Center: Janine Cary, President and State Director
  • Advocacy Groups
    • Trainriders: Wayne Davis, president
    • Sierra Club: Paul Weiss, Sandy Amborn, alternate,
    • Maine Rail Group: Jack Sutton
  • Other
    • Maine Better Transportation Association: Maria Fuentes
    • Maine Motor Transport Association: Brian Parke
    • Legislative Transportation Committee: Ed Mazurek, Transportation Committee
    • North American Rail Shippers Association (North East Association of Rail Shippers): Joe Gearin, Executive Director
  • State Agencies
    • State Planning Office: Stocco MacGregor, Phil Carey,
    • DEDCD: Brian Doyle, Business Development Specialist, MITC/DECD
    • DEP: Lynne Cayting


This page last updated on 12/21/09