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Capitol Improvements and Technical Assistance

Capitol Improvements of Local Bridges

Bridges in the MaineDOT Work Plan are Bridges funded for improvements in the following two years.

  • View the MaineDOT Work Plan (website)

MaineDOT biennially prepares a prioritized list of Bridges eligible for replacement or improvement, based on available funding and a professional review team’s recommendations. A bridge that is in a current Work Plan normally requires about two years to complete the preliminary engineering and secure any and all permits, along with property acquisition and/or easements. Construction may take up to two years. In an emergency, the Commissioner of MaineDOT may initiate any bridge capital improvement.

The Six Year Plan is a document produced by MaineDOT biennially describing transportation needs for the following six years. If a bridge is listed in the Six Year Plan, improvement, replacement, or removal of the bridge is expected to be needed in the following six years in order to maintain the current level of service.

  • View the MaineDOT Six year Plan (website)

Technical Assistance from MaineDOT

Upon request by a municipality, the Department shall provide limited technical advice regarding repair and capital improvement options without assuming any cost of or liability to the municipality. This assistance can be obtained by contacting the Bridge Maintenance Office in Augusta at (207) 624-3580.

The advice may be for temporary or permanent repairs, reinforcement, or reconstruction by the municipality. It may also include recommendations, suggestions, methods of accomplishing the work, and sketches. The Bridge Maintenance Section cannot provide complete plans. In addition to this advice, some field guidance may be available either from the Augusta Bridge Maintenance Office or from the local Regional Bridge Maintenance Manager, depending on the type of advice needed.

This page last updated on 10/4/12