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Reference Documents

This is a picture of the Yarmouth Train StationBelow are a number of documents related to the Portland North Expansion study.
Please Note: All of the documents linked below are in the Adobe PDF format. If your web browser or screen reader cannot view any of the documents linked here, please contact the Office of Passenger Transportation.

Freeport Visitor Survey October 2008

The survey asked travelers about their trip origin, mode of travel, group composition, and whether this trip to Freeport included stops elsewhere around the state or region.
(Adobe PDF Format) (MS Word 2003 Format)

I-295 Corridor Study

Jan. 2008 — This study is evaluating the long-term needs of the I-295 corridor between Scarborough and Brunswick and identifying a set of recommendations to provide safe, efficient transportation service through the 2025. This draft document highlights the main ideas of the study. (Adobe PDF Format)

Highlights from "Connecting Maine: Maine's Long-Range Transportation Plan"

Dec. 2007 — Connecting Maine is the state’s integrated, long-range, multimodal transportation plan through the year 2030, which identifies transportation issues as well as social, land-use and economic needs. It considers future challenges and opportunities unique to Maine and establishes a framework of goals, objectives, and performance-based strategies for meeting future needs and addressing anticipated challenges.
(Adobe PDF Format)

Environmental Assessment for the Auburn Intermodal Passenger Center

March 2007 — MaineDOT proposes to construct the Auburn Intermodal Passenger Center to increase accessibility and mobility for travelers, reduce highway congestion, and improve air quality. The Federal Highway Administration has reviewed the EA for the project and found that it will create no significant impacts to the environment.
(Adobe PDF Format)

Portland North Expansion Review, Alignment Alternatives

Dec. 2006 — An assessment of overall needs and opportunities associated with the expansion of rail service in Maine, including work elements, capital and operating costs, and levels of service.
(Adobe PDF Document)

Cost Feasibility for the Portland Commuter Rail Study

Dec. 2005 — Provides a summary of preliminary construction costs for track and related improvements necessary for commuter rail service from Portland to Brunswick and Auburn. (Adobe PDF Format)

Economic Benefits of Amtrak Downeaster Service

March 2005 — An assessment of economic impacts associated with the Amtrak Downeaster service between Portland and North Station in Boston, which was restored in 2002. (Adobe PDF Format)

Draft Environmental Assessment, Portland North Passenger Rail Service Extension Project

Nov. 2004 — A draft document that was begun but never completed, the Portland North EA in 2004 covered the initial purpose and need of the project, the project history, several alternatives, elements of the preferred alternative, the affected environment, consequences and mitigation, and an evaluation of the proposed action. (Adobe PDF Format)

Coming in 2009

  • Purpose and Need
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Alternatives Analysis

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