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Purpose and Need Statement

A Study Purpose and Need Statement is in the process of being developed by the Study Steering Committee. This document outlines the reasons, or need, for the study, and it's purpose, or what it is trying to achieve. From the Purpose and Need Statement, we will be able to generate a series of measures by which the various study options will ultimately be evaluated. In this way, the Statement has a direct bearing on the final recommendations of a study.

Developing a Purpose and Need Statement is a process that includes multiple sessions of public feedback. The first draft of the Purpose and Need Statement for this study will be available in November, and will then be reevaluated by the Advisory Committee and the Steering Committee.

Scope of Work

The study Scope of Work provides details on all the tasks – data gathering, analysis, public participation, for example – that will be included in the study. It is the basis of the legal work contract between Parsons-Brinckerhoff, the planning consultant for the study, and MaineDOT. The Maine Turnpike Authority is an equal partner in this study.




This page last updated on 10/23/13

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