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How to get Invovled

Public Participation

To a large degree, the success of the Central York County Connections Study (CYCCS) will rely on how well the public understands and supports the study process and recommendations.

Achieving public support requires an understanding by everyone involved that study outcomes and recommendations cannot be predetermined by any party, either before or during the study. This is a challenge, because most people want to move quickly towards solutions. However, it is crucial that we all adopt a wait-and-see attitude regarding final results until enough evidence is gathered to guide us to the best solutions for the region.

To help the public support the study process and its ultimate recommendations, a transparent and interactive public outreach process will be a key part of the study.

Study meetings are open to any member of the public who wants to observe, and detailed minutes of each and every meeting will be available on the study website. The study website will be easy to understand and updated often. A link to a special interactive section will make it easy for everyone to participate and offer opinions.

Regular updates on the study’s progress will be available through the media, the website, and direct emails to those who sign up. And finally, a direct cell phone line to study staff member Carol Morris is available to anyone who has a question or wants to make a comment: 207-329-6502.

Public Invovlement Document


  • Steering Commitee
    • Alfred: John Sylvester, Glenn Sochtermann
    • Arundel: Tad Redway, John Derkinderen
    • Biddeford: John Bubier, Greg Tansley
    • Kennebunk: Judy Bernstein, Michael Claus
    • Lyman: Maurice St. Clair
    • North Berwick: Dwayne Morin
    • Ogunquit: Tom Fortier
    • Sanford: Brad Littlefield, Charlie Andreson
    • Waterboro: Tom Ursia, Nancy Brandt
    • Wells: Mike Livingston, Jodine Adams, Shannon Belanger
    • SMRPC: Myranda McGowan, Tom Reinauer
    • MaineDOT: Gerry Audibert
    • Maine Turnpike Authority: Conrad Welzel, Sara Devlin
  • Advisory Committee
    • Don Allen, Wells Transportation Center
    • Jim Nimon, Sanford Regional Growth Council
    • Donna DerKinderen, Arundel Comp Plan Committee
    • Chad Gerrish, Pratt & Whitney
    • Ted Hissong, Hissong Development Corp.
    • Jonathan Mapes, Sanford
    • Geoff Titherington, Sanford
    • Leo Ruel, Lyman
    • Jason Cole, Lebanon
    • Mike Campbell, Waterboro, Lyman
    • Dana Knapp, Concord Coach
    • Connie Garber, Ken Creed, York County Community Action
    • Hazen Carpenter, Mousam Way Trails
    • John Andrews, Eastern Trails
    • Heidi Woolever, Alfred Conservation Commission
    • Dan Gobiel, Kennebunk Land Trust
    • David Joy, Sanford Downtown Legacy
    • Chris MacClinchey, Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission
    • Dennis Rioux, Biddeford Conservation Commission
    • Diane Robbins, Arundel
  • Study Team
    • Uri Avin, FAICP, Parsons Brinckerhoff: Land Use Planning, Study Manager
    • Stephen Rolle, PE, Parsons Brinckerhoff: Transportation Planning, Deputy Study Manager
    • Carol Morris, Morris Communications: Public Involvement
    • David Holden, AICP, Parsons Brinckerhoff: Land Use Planning
    • Tom Errico, PE, TY Lin: Traffic Engineering
    • Evan Richert, AICP: Land Use Planning
    • Charles Colgan, PhD, University of Southern Maine: Economic Forecasting
    • Kevin Hooper, Hooper Associates: Travel Demand Modeling
    • Myranda McGowen, Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission: Regional Planning
    • Gerry Audibert, MaineDOT: Study Manager
    • Sara Devlin, Maine Turnpike Authority: Study Manager

This page last updated on 10/23/13

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