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MaineDOT Transportation Alternatives (TA) Program (Formally the Transportation Enhancement (TE) and Safe Routes to School Funding Programs)

General Information about the TAP

  • Typical types of projects funded under this program
    • Formally known as the TE or Safe Routes to School Program, this program assists with funding sidewalks, pedestrian crossing improvements, off-road transportation related trails, downtown transportation improvements, etc.
  • The goal of this program
    • Improve transportation, improve safety, and promote economic development.
  • Yearly Funding Allocation
    • MaineDOT receives about 2.3 million in federal funds annually for this program for the entire state.  Each project has a 20% local match requirement.

Deadlines and Processes

Step 1: Phone Call: Call MaineDOT at 207-624-3252 to discuss project idea at any time.

Step 2: Letter of Intent: After phone call, submit letter of intent to MaineDOT.

Step 3: Secure Local Match: Once a project has been deemed eligible and crucial enough to receive future funding (based on the types of projects typically funded through this highly competitive program), a community will receive notice that it is eligible for funding (once the local match and overall project is approved at the local level for the entire project, including construction). Once the local community has notified MaineDOT that it has secured the local match into an account, and has made the official decision to build the project, the project will become eligible for future funding (based on available federal funding).  

Step 4: Announcement:  To be eligible for inclusion in the next MaineDOT 3 Year Work Plan announced each January, MaineDOT must be notified officially that the local match and overall project has been approved by June 30th of any given year.

For more information:  Please contact Dan Stewart, at 624-3252 or


Example Forms

For more information:  Please contact Dan Stewart, at 624-3252 or

xisting Transportation Alternative Projects:

Transportation Enhancement (TE) Program transitioned to TA Program in 2012

The Transportation Enhancement Program was a federally funded program to help communities improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, and to provide transportation options that relate to surface transportation under the eligible categories of TE. The TE Program has transitioned into a Transportation Alternatives (TA) funding program since  the 2012 Transportation Bill. MaineDOT’s program principally supports locally-initiated projects that improve the community transportation environment, economic vibrancy, safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, downtown revitalization initiatives and environmental mitigation. There is a required 20% local share under the TA program.

Transportation Enhancement (now TA) funding opportunities are available to help expand transportation choices and enhance the transportation experience through eligible activities related to surface transportation, including pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and safety programs.  TA projects must relate to surface transportation and must qualify under one or more of the eligible categories. TA is a primary source of funding for bike and pedestrian stand alone projects in the United States and in Maine. Successful projects must demonstrate that they will provide improved access or improve safety conditions.

For more information on projects funded through this program view the success reports found at

More information about projects eligible under this program can be found at the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration’s web site, and

Safe Routes to Schools

Safe Routes to School is now an eligible activity under the TA program to enable, and encourage, children; including those with disabilities, to safely walk and bicycle to/from school and after school activities. Major goals of the program are to increase bicycle, pedestrian and traffic safety, and to assist communities in improving conditions for walking and bicycling to school. MaineDOT seeks projects that substantially improve the ability of students to walk, and bicycle, within two miles of an elementary or middle school. These applications are typically available in the spring of even numbered years.

Safe Routes to School programs ares intended to provide resources for infrastructure improvements and activities to increase the number of students walking and bicycling to school and after school activities. Infrastructure improvements such as school zone lights, traffic calming and sidewalk improvements are intended to be part of a larger effort within communities to improve conditions and raise awareness of the benefits of walking and biking to school. The Safe Routes to School Program is the only program within the Quality Community Program that provides up to 100 percent funding for projects within 2 miles of an elementary or middle school. Infrastructure improvements must be within two miles of a school to make walking and biking safer for students (e.g. for sidewalks, signage, crossings, bike lanes, traffic calming, etc.).

For more information on the Safe Routes to School Program and projects funded through this program, visit, and you can view the success reports at


This page last updated on 11/19/14

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