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Small Harbor Improvement Program Projects

Select a year below to view approved projects for that year.

2014 Approved Projects
Municipality Project Description Local Match Funds Ship FundsTotal Project Budget
BelfastReplace 5 (8 x 20) floats, 1 (12 x 20) float, with steel bracket, and install 1 three pile dolphin at Belfast Public Landing, 25 Front Street. $25,000.00$25,000.00$50,000.00
BremenDesign and permitting for clammer, kayak, and public stairwell, parking lot and access drive, Broad Cove, Route 32.$10,000.00$10,000.00$20,000.00
CamdenExpand waterfront access wharf, including pilings (approximately 300 feet) and creating commercial fishermen hoist at Camden Public Landing Harbor.$68,500.00$68,500.00$137,000.00
EastportCreate a new ramp, and parking area at the former MacNichols Wharf.$115,000.00$90,000.00$205,000.00
FreeportReplace main float, finger floats, dingy racks, safety ladders, and fender system at Freeport Town Dock, and public access stairwell at Burnett Road Bridge.$33,500.00$33,500.00$67,000.00
KitteryReplace and enlarge (3) floats at Traip Academy Boat Launch Piscataqua River.$10,000.00$10,000.00$20,000.00
LincolnvilleRehabilitate middle (31 feet) and inner (21 feet wide) section of wave screen, adjacent to Lincolnville/Islesboro ferry slip.$106,000.00$106,000.00$212,000.00
LubecCreate a new float system and ADA compliant ramps, 2 transient moorings, at the former Lubec Marina. $77,500.00$77,500.00$155,000.00
MilbridgeReplace decking at commercial pier.$5,750.00$5,500.00$11,250.00
North HavenAdd a fourth 10 by 30 foot float, including new mooring to secure in place at town float system, at State Ferry Pier.$7,500.00$7,500.00$15,000.00
OgunquitReplace and expand float system, pilings, replace gangway, at the southern side of drawbridge at Perkins Cove.$50,000.00$50,000.00$100,000.00
Pleasant PointExtend by 6 dock sections (approximately 120 feet) the existing floats and boat ramp at Pleasant Point.$151,844.00$151,844.00$303,688.00
RocklandPurchase and installation of an 80 foot ADA compliant ramp to Rockland Public Pier, in Harbor Park.$22,500.00$22,500.00$45,000.00
RockportInstall new float system, 4 (10 by 20) and associated dolphins and pilings at Rockport Harbor Park and Marina in Rockport Village Harbor area.$26,700.00$26,700.00$53,400.00
SearsportReconstruction section of pier, and add floats, electrical, lighting, water, and power to floats.$605,000.00$250,000.00$855,000.00
Swans IslandRestoration of (navigation aide) Swans Island Light House, phase 1 rehabilitation of the inside.$21,250.00$21,250.00$42,500.00
VinalhavenReplace 59 pilings and capsin Parking Lot Wharf, downtown Vinalhaven.$87,500.00$87,500.00$175,000.00
WellsReplace hoist system at Wells Harbor Commercial Fishing Facility.$8,750.00$8,750.00$17,500.00
YorkFloat system and landing area for canoe/kayak/boater access to York River including bulkhead/gravel walkway, Route 103, York River.$150,000.00$150,000.00$300,000.00
2012 Approved Projects
City, State, ZIP Project Description Local Match Funds SHIP Funds
Bristol, ME 04539 This project will add two floats to the town dock at Hanna Landing on Cozy Cottage Road. $3,180.00 $12,720
Bristol, ME 04539 This project will extend the length of the existing ramp by adding 16 more concrete ramps. $2,000.00 $8,000
Bucksport, ME 04416 This project will install new pilings and extend the existing float system at the town dock. $20,000.00 $60,000
Castine, ME 04421 This project involves the design and construction/ installation of an electric powered hoist system at the town owned Acadia Dock. $6,400.00 $25,600
Cumberland, ME 04021 This project will construct a stairway (and landings) to the ocean and clamflats, including a pedestrian walkway at the Old Town Landing Road on Route 88 $6,980.00 $27,920
Cutler, ME 04626 This project will create a new float system including 5 new floats and pilings, add off-street parking and stabilize the eroding shoreline, and provide better beach access at the Cutler Harbor public access site on Wharf Road. $40,000.00 $160,000
Deer Isle, ME 04627 This project will Install a new boat ramp as a first priority. The project will also improve parking and potentially assist with pier removal. The project is located on Route 15 at the Deer Isle end of the Sedgewick/Deer Isle bridge. $45,000.00 $151,000
Freeport, ME 04032 This project will create a new staircase and walkway to the ocean for commercial shellfish harvesters and the public at the end of Sandy Beach Road. $8,850.00 $32,873
Frenchboro, ME 04635 This project includes the first stage of the replacement of the Town Wharf, essential to commercial fisherman and others, on East Shore Road $90,000.00 $111,501
Harrington, ME 04643 This project will widen and improve the ramp and pier, install additional floats, and replace rotting pilings at the town landing on Town Landing Road. $17,363.00 $69,452
Lubec, ME 04652 This project will replace a 51' gangway, a float, and six 50' pilings damaged in a recent storm at the town pier on Johnson Street. $10,000.00 $20,000
Mount Desert, ME 04662 This project will replace a 20' x 20' float and 18 walkway/finger floats at the Northeast Harbor Marina. $26,535.62 $61,916
Richmond, ME 04357 This project will replace 8 floating docks and implement shoreline stabilization work at the town harbor within Fort Richmond Park. $11,977.20 $33,909
Saco, ME 04072 This project renovates several deteriorated elements of the Camp Ellis Municipal Pier at the mouth of the Saco River, including pier face fendering, cargo handling aprons, ladders, and gangways. $23,000.00 $92,000
Sorrento, ME 04677 This projects will replace four 6' by 24' floats with 8 ft by 24 foot floats at the Sorrento float system at 284 Ocean Avenue. $5,000.00 $15,811
South Portland, ME 04106 In coordination with the Maine Department of Conservation, this project will replace floats, repair ramps, and renovate and extend the east side of boat ramp including concrete plankings at the Fore River Boat Facility. $12,054.80 $48,219
Stonington, ME 04681 This project will replace 17 floats and 19 timber pilings at the municipal fish pier in downtown Stonington. $25,725.00 $25,492
Swans Island, ME 04685 This project will develop design plans for restoration of the Swan's Island Lighthouse, an important navigational aid. $14,000.00 $10,000
Tremont, ME 04612 This project will widen the existing boat ramp at the town wharf at the end of Rice Road by 10 feet in width (120 feet in length), as well as construct 6 new finger floats to be placed on the new ramp addition. $50,000.00 $50,000
Wells, ME 04090 This project will rebuild and make usable a 21.5' by 13' section of commercial pier at the Wells Municipal Pier on Harbor Road. $10,600.00 $42,400